Frequent disconnections

I would appear to disconnect from online worlds super frequently.

I have approximately a minute or two to place blocks or move around on a practically empty server before the dreaded Error: Attempting to reconnect message shows up. It’s quicker to exit and then re-enter the world than waiting for the popup to go away on its own.

I figured it might be my WiFi sucking, but I’ve tried late at night when no one’s sucking away the bandwidth and they still seem to happen at roughly the same rate.

iOS 12.4.7
iPhone 5s
Game ver. 1.7.2 (that’s still the latest one, right? I can’t seem to find versions stats any more in App Store or Settings)

Is the server facing a memory leak?

Server leaks don’t cause disconnections that fast. They are more on the order of every 20 minutes or more. I think the problem might be the older phone.

@Testif have you cleared out other apps from memory? If that doesn’t help, you might be relegated to single player.

Should he try to use another device then?

I agree that maybe the phone is a little old to handle the game. Seven years a very long time when you’re talking technology.

Yeah, using a newer device might solve the problem.


I suspect that would solve the problem. But who knows if it’s an option. I know I used to play the game on an iPhone 3GS but Dave has increased the data that’s transferred back and forth.

I currently play on an iphone 8 which works pretty well but I still get periodic game crashes.

I get game crashes every, say, 20-120 mins. I know it’s a big variable but it happens when it happens.

Does the game crash to the home screen or do you just get disconnected from a server?

I doubt this… these type of disconnections happen on an iPhone 11, which is what i use to play bh.

How frequently?

Every 45 min to an hour.
Usually its when im using data not home wifi. My home wifi is 5G so it doesnt happen much then.

There is a discrepancy here.

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Yeah true

I get disconnected from the server. Although sometimes, it completely kicks me off the game.

There are generally 3 ways to get disconnected.

  1. A server can crash from the memory leak. This happens as often as every 20 minutes or so and impacts primarily the larger and more developed servers like Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire, Rabbithole, Skylands Arena, etc. You can identify these because you will be immediately disconnected with no chance for it to reconnect, but you only exit to the server selection screen in the game. And when you reconnect, you’ll see that everyone was disconnected at once and the chat is cleared.

  2. Bad connection to the server. Any temporary interference in the connection can cause the client to show the “Connecting to Server” message and sometimes it will recover and sometimes it won’t. Better networks obviously see this a lot less but aren’t necessarily immune to it. These usually kick you out to the game’s server selection screen and when you rejoin, you’ll notice that nobody else was affected.

  3. Client issues…this can be a variety of things but I think they are usually mobile device resource related and older devices suffer the most, with some being virtually unplayable. My iphone 8 is not too old, but not the latest either and I see full crashes to the home screen now and then. It’s a bit more stable if I remember to keep my memory clear of other applications, so my theory is that this is closely tied to device memory issues.

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