Friend List


Hello my name is Zaxk. I play blockheads a lot and I was wondering if the developers of blockheads could add a way to add people and make them your friends and you don’t have to search on the blockheads server list. You could just look on your friends list and see if your friend is online or not. Or join the world that your friend is playing. And there should be a way too unfriend people! - Zaxk


Hello Zaxk, welcome to blockheads fourms!!!


Updated title to “Friend List” from “Add this” :slight_smile:


I think this is a nice suggestion. Would also be good to have the option to be invisible as well… in case you want to just visit servers on the down low but with your same ign :slight_smile:


So do I!


Please don’t respond to a suggestion with comments how much it gets suggested. It is explained why this isn’t permitted in the forum rules.


That would be awesome!