Friends cant find server Through searching


So my friend tryed tto search my server but couldent find it i tried turning on/off the searchable option and restarting the server but nothing happend does anyone have any info about this


Configure the search settings when searching for a server to all “EITHER”


They tried that still couldn’t find it


Check what settings your world is on. If its private change it. Instead of searchable you could try public. You could always try sending them a link to the server as well.


You looked at all the servers and you still couldn’t find it?


U can give them the link to join


Yes I did. Give them the link but I wanted to post this to see if any one knew what was going on


I can find it searching. Get your friend to take a screenshot of their search options for us, if you’d like this looked into, because really, that’s the only thing that might cause this, since the world is searchable.