Friends Server Idea,,,

A interesting idea we were talking about on my server the other day… A server where its mainly just signs and maybe paintings of profile pictures. People could leave their past usernames and the servers they play on if they are interested in connecting with old bh friends. It would be like a pitstop server to find old friends :joy::joy:

I know some people purposefully play incognito so probably this is not for them. But the basic concept of the server would be to reunite old blockhead friends.

  • I would be interested
  • I would not be interested

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(because we all love a poll :joy::woman_shrugging: )


That would be a great idea!

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Maybe make it a 1/16 if you do it, I would put one about me in but I voted not interested just more as a I don’t care either way.

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I think it’s a cool concept, but I honestly don’t think it would take off at this point.