“Fruitless” gem tree


The newly discovered gem tree (single player world) doesn’t produce gems. I meditated long enough that the other diamond tree spawned twice, but zero for this one. Bugged?


Not a bug. Gem trees get random spawning spots, and it’s possible to get a gem tree with no spawning spots.

For every branch block, there is a roughly 5% chance it will spawn gems. That is decided when it first creates the tree and never changes. - Dave


I see, thanks!


ohhh congrats on the diamond tree!


Gemtrees like the diamond tree you found produce gems rarely.


Well, I didn’t know gem trees couldn’t produce gems.
All of my trees produce gems (gem trees).
The only problem I find are those MANY empty marble islands.
(Once I found one with a diamond and I was about to rage)


Thanks :slight_smile:
(kinda disappointed it’s fruitless though)

I was really lucky that all the other gem trees I found produce gems. So this came as a surprise…

Luck, why did you run out on a diamond tree of all gem trees? :cry:


Merged double post. Please @ your second reply, rather than posting twice to reply to a second person.


Ah…noted, will do.
My apologies.


All good :slight_smile: