Full 1.7 Change list


Great Scott.


Nice update, it added pizza ovens


This. Update. Is. Amazing!


Unicorns aren’t metioned.


Thank goodness for/clear


They’re an easter egg.


I’ve added them in, there’s no point in keeping them secret anymore :slight_smile:


There are exactly 32. Enough to fill 2 chests.
33 if you count the original egg.

I knew you would love this Kay, so I tried very hard to not tell you and keep it secret until you could thoroughly be surprised and enjoy it.


Aye, this list was definitely helpful, thanks! So much new stuff to try out :slight_smile:

Lovely job on the update Dave! Worth the wait :wink:


Just came back to the game after a very long time. Interested to see where 1.7 takes us. Cheers all.


Will 1.7 come out for Amazon Kindle?


No, Noodlecake decided it wasn’t worth the huge amount of work it would require.


I don’t have any other device other than my kindle to play The Blockheads on, and I don’t have enough money to buy a different device. :cry:


My head is already tingling with ideas. Once im done exploring most of 1.7 (a week or so), I might be posting more than a few suggestions.

Hopefully 1.8 will delve into enriching more of the environment. Maybe new biomes, or even the chance to explore space.


It doesnt mention riding a shark




So you can ride anything now? I just saw pictures of troll riding


You can basically ride anything as long as you tame it…


All with a carrot on a stick!


Wow I’m so touched u know me so well skeeve :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Sadly I haven’t had the time to get a unicorn myself due to school. But I Guess I will soon :stuck_out_tongue: