Full 1.7 Change list


The weave bench doesn’t exist! :lol:

Like only dodos are in the game, not chickens!

Suddenly Dave makes an update that renamed the tailor bench to weave bench.

It/He/She is a _________ , not a _________

Still, exist when you grab lots of dodo eggs in one basket even in the chest and your basket will turn to unknowns and lost all your stuff :frowning:


…and this includes the actual weapon? Or only tools that are not meant to be weapons.


and weapons


Seems weird though.


When I tested it a sword was not affected. So maybe it was a typo.
Edit: maybe I should add I tested it with y yak, not pvp.


So much for this change. :roll_eyes: I’ve already lost lots of valuable dodo eggs to
the unknown transport glitch ;-;


It’s not totally going to be fixed. A few bugs will be here and there to ruin someone’s day but what you can do to prevent another from having it in the far future when an update comes is report them :slight_smile:


Yes I might believe you on this days because Dave was really busy at the moment doing coding on his will be a new game. You can know it obviously on his Twitter what his twitting.