Fund a server


I’ve decided to donate a month of credit to a server each month. If you are interested, please reply with:

  1. The server’s name
  2. The owner’s IGN
  3. (Optional) The link to the world thread
  4. (Optional) Why you think I should fund it

After a few days, I will let you guys vote. The server with the most votes will be the one to recieve the one month of credit*.

*Note: I can refuse for any reason.


server rejected because he wanted a sandwich but had pizza instead
I’m just joking :upside_down_face: sorry


Does it have to be in the forums?


Nope. Any server is fine. :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to transfer this into an in-game item rather then donations?


What do you mean, TC items?

I’d rather it just be the credit.


Like a few safes of plat


The whole purpose of this is so that a whole server of people can have enjoyment, not just one person.


A few safes full of platinum? That’s a lot!


I’ll just toss one in to get started
1: Noth America ||
2: Top Sekrit II
3: No world thread, but a server link is
4: The admins on there were working hard on building things like pixel art and I personally am planning to build a railroad on it. I’ll probably get the owner in it, but it ran out of credit. Even just 1 more month for us to wrap up our pixel art would’ve worked

Edit: one of our Top Sekrit crew members have gotten a gift card to pay for the server, but I’m still leaving this in to contest.


Thank you for this, @bilingual . It’s such a kind offer and would really help out some struggling servers. Good for you :slight_smile:


Not if you exploit titanium dodos!


Animal abuse?


I give them food and eternal life, wha else would they want?


Isn’t anyone else gonna put a post in here?


Hmm i would like to have credit for my upcoming server is it possible ?


I would like to get a few different servers if I continue this.


Oh ok how many thought


Name: Prison Life
Owner: Lebogossdu72
Forum Link: None
Server Link:
Reason: People on the discord server were very sad to see it run out of credit… people worked so hard to build on there.