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Run away from the Thump Thump car!
(You also win if you guess where I got that)
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bacon rules.


Bacon bacon
(I don’t eat bacon)
But the bacon keeps baconing me
(Pun intended)

There’s one good thing what’s next? @EpicGamer101


Yes, definitely :stuck_out_tongue:


According to all known laws of aviation,
there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.
Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.
The bee of course, flies anyway.
Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.


Are pictures allowed? something I found pretty funny on my log :wink:


@MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY sorry but I don’t get it :confused:
@arachnidsGreed Lol xD


Squirrels should not be able to fly. Everyone says bats are the only flying mammals, so take that squirrels! Squirrels eat a lot of nuts, so you would think they’d be super buff, because nuts are good for you, but noooooo, they become this:

No offense to squirrels, though, you guys should take a break on nuts!
Anyway, nobody should be convinced that squirrels should be able to fly, because of Squirrelflight.



@Vaporeonlover that got me cracking up :joy::joy::joy: Real good


Hahaha you tried to disable the whitelist but it just put someone named off on the whitelist



Oh now I get it XD how didn’t I think of that!?


According to all known laws of aviation,
There is no way a squirrel should be able to fly.
It has no wings to get its fat body off the ground
The squirrel Of course flys anyway,
As squirrels dont care what Humans think is impossible


#####coming 3019#####


@Haque I’m interested :100
@TheAllMightyNewb wasn’t the bee move released already?


Might wanna look at the fine print…


Strange high pitch voice you got! :notes:


We all just got Rick Rolled :weary:


Yep :frowning:
@Countrygal27 don’t get it :confused:


This is a myth. It is based on the laws of aviation, which do not apply to insects and their method of lift.


Actually, anything can fly if you push it hard enough.
Having said that, bees still fly the way bricks do not.


its from the bee movie script, a movie which the entire thing is a meme.