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Photo Number 4 is me everyday xD


I thought a AI was smart, This is a SENTENCE!


(stormtroopers conversing)
Vince: I miss my dad.
Bob: You miss everything, Vince.
Vince: What?
Bob: We’re stromtroopers. We miss everything.
Vince: Shut up. I hate you, Bob
Bob: Your missing my point.


:notes: Somebody once told me that I’m a bit annoying
I ain’t the smartest fruit in the bowl
Pear likes to read a lot
Me I like to fart
And stick an apefruit on his forehead

Hey now you’re an apple
You’re no fun
No game
Hey now you’re an apple
You’re a lame sauce
So lame :notes:


Www Dot.
Www Dot.
Www Dot.
Www Dot.
Www Dot.
If on iOS highlight than tap speak.


Hi hello my baby puppy I am a little sleepy and thx I am I still have to wake up early tomorrow morning and thx bye mummy bye thx bye mummy lol bye mummy


I have here a story. That I…erm…didn’t get off the Internet or anything. (obvious sarcasm is obvious)

So I was in college with my fiancé and we were playing cards, when out of nowhere, a man who later identified himself as Joe ran into my room and did a face-plant into my glass coffee table. He was permanently blinded in one eye, and had to wear a cotton eye patch everywhere he went. Apparently, he and my fiancé bonded over the injury, and they ran off together and got married, and I never saw him again.

In conclusion,
:notes: if it hadn’t been for cotton eye Joe
I’d have been married a long time ago.
Where did you come from, where did you go!
Where did you come from, cotton eye Joe?:notes:


Keep them going! Maybe something new? Like funny highway signs?



These are some funny signs that I have found:


I am not trying to increase my post counts doing this. :lol:


OOL notice theres no “P” in it lets keep it that way.




Hi hello my name isHailey I love this app and thx bye bye cg for sure to play with this app so if you can buy a iTunes card :credit_card: you will get it to play the other server then I can buy a game that is a little more than the one last night


Who know the whole Karl for kids thing was a scam because it is


this app is very good app for a free game and a great game and i and a good free app that is free to add


Did you eat your apples today? -Mum



I know it’s a scam.


Sorry just had to double post because of 300!


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