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How is this a mexican holiday


Lol! XD

My Blockheads' Random names

Jam Tart, Mushroom, Crunchy, Dimanche


Mines ∫bob∫


The best thing about being able is how you feel about your own business or what is going to do for your business and your own personal life or something you don’t need or to be at for or so you don’t need it for a long long way back.


This totally wont hurt




That didn’t hurt at all!


How to make your own bed

Step one: Chop down trees from the Amazon rainforest. They have the best wood.
Step two: Smuggle them out by… well, Im sure youll find a way.
Step three: Kill the last dodo on Earth, then pluck five feathers from its body.
Step four: Roast remains over campfire
Step five: Collect flax and make linen
Step six: Craft a soft bed.
Step seven: Get arrested for cutting down trees.
Step eight: Enjoy your new bed at prison, unless it gets stolen.
Step nine: Oh well. At least you still have the cooked dodo!
Step ten: THE END


How to get super mod, steal daves device, add yourself, and your ready to go!

do you see this?


What you will need:
Sleeping gas
Lots of false clues
Magic shoes
Black paper and glue
Glue gun
Something hard (like a rock)

Step 1: Find Dave’s house and look through the window and find anything that you would need to put asleep with the sleeping gas

Step 2: Spray some sleeping gas under the door (if you can’t do it this way get your hard object and break the windows with it)

Step 3: Use the black paper and glue to take care of the cameras (do Step 4 if anyone sees you)

Step 4: Enter the house and fire glue at anyone’s feet

Step 5: Find Dave’s tablet and take anything that looks useful (while wearing the gloves)

Step 6: Once you have found Dave’s tablet, go back the way you came from as you have taken care of anyone there

Step 7: Go back home and drop the false clues as you go

Step 7: Release 1.7 Beta and Super-admin/mod yourself!




I have already done this.


Thanks! Now do this with milla.


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I hate the ai.




@Boltlord’S post reminded me of this :joy::joy::joy::joy: