Funniest reply wins!



Dictionary = boring. Should’ve seen that one coming.


That’s not funny…
It’s hilarious!




Spoiler’s broken. Move the spoiler two spaces down from all the other text, then it should work.


Ok got it




Find the letters, no guides.

H j a t s f e d
S I e g a t s f
I e r a g a t w
k c o r w t s t
l o e a t w f s
Q e g r h s t
R I g r e I a j
E h s o e g m


I eat potato

  1. Read everything first
  2. Get a piece of paper (irl)
  3. Write you name.
  4. Write a random number.
  5. Make a square on the back of your paper.
  6. Make an X on the bottom right corner of your paper.
  7. Fold your paper in half.
  8. Fold it in half again, making 4 squares.
  9. Write down 123 on the first top square.
  10. Then, write ABC on the second top square.
  11. Say “spoon”
  12. Yell loudly, if possible, “I’m on step 12!”
  13. Dance for 5 seconds.
  14. Say “Chicken”
  15. Say the pledge of allegiance (or your anthem)
  16. Write your name on the first bottom square.
  17. Write a random number on the second bottom square.
  18. Add a second number in that square.
  19. Add them together.
  20. Now do steps 1 and 2.


Mum said if she caught me on the Blockheads Community again, she would slam my head across the keyboard. You can see I clearly don’t carfejeldncgfvrc


Dad said if I was on the forums again he would smash my head on the keyboard, I cleabhjdaecjhbccud


Best :ok_hand:


Clearly the best YouTube video ever.


When suddenly, a cracker!
:rewind::arrow_forward:️:fast_forward:—:white_circle:️— 1:34






No one figured out run away from the thump thump car. That’s what I expected.


A thump thump car? Sounds like a car from the future…


Hint: it’s from a game.


Still sounds like a futuristic car. XD

But ok, got it.


Nope, it’s a normal car.