Furniture for Blockhead Homes


These are just my ideas for furniture. I always feel like my blockheads home feels a little empty and I think adding furniture may relieve that problem. I will also try to give each furniture some kind of functionality. *Note: furniture that can be sat on will give energy back overtime.

Chairs and Tables
I put these two pieces of furniture together as they are both important for a functionality I have in my mind. My idea is that you can use these two for safe trading. When a chair is placed on both sides of the table and each players Blockhead is sitting on either chair, they can open a prompt to trade and accept items.

It can be dyed on dying bench and can be used by two blockheads at the same time. It restores energy at the same amount as a bed but at a slower pace. Crafted using 10 yak shavings, 10 cloth and 5 dodo feathers.

Only uses 5 wood to craft a bench, can be used by up to 3 Blockheads. This can be placed around a server’s city to allow player’s to rest their blockhead at a faster pace than just sleeping on the floor. Restores energy as fast as a bed but only up to a full green bar. It gets annoying traveling a city :stuck_out_tongue:

Armour Rack
Just a place to store your armour on. The racks would show how the armour would look like when worn. Just looks cooler than putting inside a shelf

Weapons Rack
Just a place to show off your weapons. Maybe if we get an update with cool weapons! :smiley:
It shows what the weapon looks like when used by a Blockhead. It looks cooler than putting it inside a shelf again.

Well that’s all my ideas! Post any more ideas for furniture!


I like all of these. Great work!


Great job!


What about a bed?