Game: Alphabet Songs

This is a rather simple game. Take the last letter from the previous song’s title and state a song with it’s title starting with that letter. Be sure to state the author of the song with the song’s name. Any song genre can be used.
I’ll start:
Dark Angel
By: F-777

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(This could be fun!)

Lie To Me

  • Bon Jovi

Every Breaking Wave

  • U2

Enter Sandman

  • Metallica

Nothing Else Matters
(Also) -Metallica


Sweet Child O Mine

  • Guns N Roses

Everybody Hurts

  • R.E.M.

Smoke On The Water

  • Deep Purple

Radio Ga Ga

  • Queen

(Cool, we have a Queen song now)

November Rain

  • GnR (Guns N Roses)

(Heh thanks. Should the song start with the last letter of the last song or the artist? Your one started with “N” instead of “A” :stuck_out_tongue:)

New Year’s Day

  • U2

(Whoops, sorry! I was focused on ‘Queen’)

You Really Got Me

  • The Kinks

Evil Woman

  • Canned Heat

Night Train

  • GnR

(I don’t know any other songs that start with n.) :slight_smile:

Nowhere Fast

  • Meat Loaf


  • AC/DC

Killer Queen

  • Queen


  • Black Sabbath

Ballroom Blitz

  • The Sweet


  • Fat Larry’s Band