Game Challenge: Inverted Colors


I have a new challenge… it is EARTH SHATTERING! It is… Inverting colors and playing The Blockheads for one hour straight.

Here is my play through.

Something feels… different

Using tools can get confusing… I started mining the dirt with a machete (not pictured above)

I then went to Giants after playing single player for a bit…

In conclusion, trying this challenge is a crazy and fun twist on the game. :slight_smile:

Try it yourself, everyone!


I’m in :smirk:

Lemme go into settings…


I’ve already down this lol. It’s so weird! No way could I do it for one hour straight lol!


Looks sort of…uneasy on the eyes. I will say what caught my attention is the time crystal. It actually looks quite nice, like amber. :lol:


You should call this challenge The Hellheads.


Yeah, I did this a few weeks ago and it looks just as weird now as it did then :sweat_smile:


my eyes hurt :sweat: good idea but not for me lol :+1:


How do you make the image inverted when you snapshot it in iOS?


I used this.




Thanks! :slight_smile: