Game development using JavaScript

We should get all the best coders and make a JavaScript version or something


Is that even possible?

Yes it’s possible but it won’t be exactly the same for sure and I’m not sure about naming dodos in js or other mobs there’s a reason it’s in c++

Doing it in JavaScript might be really hard though. I don’t think it’s worth the effort unless a different programming language is used.

I think sacrificing dodo names is enough to continue updates under JS.

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It might be possible I just don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think it is.

If it is possible it wouldn’t be easy and would probably take a few years and we wouldn’t have any of the current servers and who would pay for servers

To see an example of long code do ctrl + u on (make sure you go all the way down even if you don’t read it all)

Well, we can’t be totally sure.

I’m not an expert but I have some um knowledge by now after all I AM working on a game right now…

How advanced is it?

Eh pretty basic no graphics yet… It’s a project for school I’ve only been working a week or two on it lol and it’s just me it will have more but right now I’m focused more on getting it ok to turn in for school then I will work on possibly putting it on the app store

Maybe we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves then.

Yeah my game is just over 200 lines and it is basic and not finished bh would have thousands of lines

Possibly even more?

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Yes only Dave knows the number I would assume but probably at least 4 thousand lol that’s at the absolute least

Does python and JavaScript work?

Idk if you can use them together but no matter which you use it would be thousands of lines and would take a while

I learned BASIC programming when I was in High School (1983) and at that time owned a Commodore 64 which came with it’s own BASIC compiler.

I really enjoyed coding and almost considered it as a Major in College. Instead I majored in Biology and my career path went to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I only have a rudimentary understanding of other coding languages like Java and C++. But from what I do know - I have great respect for those who code and do so fluently. It’s as much an art as it is a skill. Kudos to you Agentpinkdog :wink: