Game does not notify me about new messages sent in the chat

As the title says, the game occasionally does not notify me about new messages even though my text chat notifications -button is always set on “on”. New messages don’t pop up and I can’t hear a “ping” of any kind. It is not a major issue though & doesn’t really disturb my game play in any way.

I’m interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced this. I just thought I wasn’t paying attention at the game first. Took me quite a while to realize that’s not the case.

iPhone SE iOS 12.1 (updating to 12.3 after this)


I experienced this more often at the beginning of 1.7, but it still happens from time to time.

Yeah, every once in a while I have had this happen.

It happened to me many times since 1.6.1

Wow, I thought I just wasn’t being observant because I often get distracted and notice later that chat messages have appeared, but I guess I’ve actually been experiencing this as well on iphone 8, ios 12.2.

Same on my iPhone 7 iOS 12.2

This happens to me all the time.

I’m noticing a pattern here

We need to stop playing bh long enough to update our phones


Same thing on my old iPad mini 2

Same here, iOS 10.2.

It happened again. Timing wasn’t good either. A player had sent something inappropiate in the chat and it was there for several minutes, unnoticed, because the game didn’t notify me of a new chat message.

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Same happens to me. I’m on iOS 12.2 as well (iPad Pro).

Same here,iPad 2