Game freezes when trying to enter multiplayer game

The game freezes any time I try to join a multiplayer game, as well as in the help/credits menu in settings. Is there a way to fix this?

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What OS are you running?
This is common on Android 10, as the system sometimes can’t fully support the platform of the game.
Also, does this happen when you try changing your pfp?
How long has this been an issue for?

I would see if there’s any other issues causing this such as system storage, wifi or mobile data signal strength, battery life, or outside overall performance of the device itself, before going deeper.

What device are you using to play? Have you tried restarting your device or your wifi router? And how does the game freeze? Does it simply get stuck on the welcome message of a server or are you still able to join the server before it freezes?

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yes, i am running android 10, and yes, it does a similar thing when i try and change my pfp. it also takes a very long time to launch the game, as it sits on a white screen for awhile.

using a note 9 with android 10. i have reset my phone, and it always freezes on the welcome message.

Most likely, the issue is of the version. Newer Operating systems often come with many bugs to applications optimized for older versions, if that makes any sense. I have the same issue on my Pixel 3a, and as far as I know, there’s no easy way to get around this. You might want to still check if there’s anything else that could be causing it, just in case. I don’t know for sure if I’m right, but I’ve tried many things and haven’t found a solution.

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You should watch this video.

At least for me, my phone and System UI becomes completely unresponsive before the welcome message fully appears, leaving me no time to even turn it off. Hopefully other ppl are luckier than I am.