Game frequently crashing on new device

Ever since I switch devices the game has been crashing at least twice a day for me when be for it rarely would. Has any one else.had this issue? And it’s only been when I’m on Im server haven’t tried any others yet. I’m using an iPhone xs Mac with iOS 13.3

while playing Single player or Multiplayer (or both)?

Could it be related to WiFi?

So far I’ve only experienced it crash while on multiplayer but will test later if it happens on single player.
@Midnightblade447 I dont think Wi-Fi is the issue since its strong

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Have you tried rebooting your device?

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Yes I have

So far it crashed once in singleplayer

If, in Settings, you go to Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data is there a file for Blockheads?

They’re in alphabetical order, and there’s a share button in the top, right corner once you open one. Mail it to milla @ theblockheads . net, sans spaces, along with a link to this thread, and I’ll pass it on to Dave to see if it has information that would help with a diagnosis. It may be that it’s something specific to your phone, so please also include any information, such as whether you’ve jailbroken the device, and modified any game files at all.

Please share the singleplayer one, and one of the multiplayer ones.

@milla there’s a couple in there also some that says diskwrites after blockheads are those needed also?

Is the one you sent me a singleplayer or multiplayer crash?

Yes, I’d like to see a diskwrites one too, please. Same email address, please :slight_smile:

Multiplayer and I’ll send the other one in a few.