Game literally unplayable

Stop the cryptocurrency thing XD
And it’s only on Android (if you read the thread) and the contacting noodlecake is useless because they can’t do anything about it

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They’ll likely just provide you with a link to download the APK.

Why is it useless? Did blockheads turned abandonware? Assuming that if there are servers running, and you can buy time cristals, it has some sort of support…

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On Android, time crystals can no longer be purchased AFAIK.

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Did not had that idea. So maybe multiplayer off line for all androids?

It can be worked around with android 11 gestures.

yeah I’ve been thinking of dual-booting with an iOS so it can work

You can get an Apple device? I’m 99% sure you can’t dual boot iOS and android

Yeah, it’s nearly impossible.

it’s expensive down here in a third world country

There is still no way for you to run iOS without an Apple device rn

Android is known for its bugs,

Noodlecake doesn’t really care so that is a dead end…

Try this instead: (I have IOS but my friend could play without bugs with this)

It has nothing to do with Android itself being “buggy” or whatever. The Android version of the game is very old and was becoming buggier with every Android version released.

This is your best bet.

They already have the Blockheads installed, i don’t see how linking OP to the exact same app (noodlecake’s blockheads apk) could help him…

OP needs a workaround, not a link to re download the same app, respectfully :wink:

It sounds like they’re using the version of the game that was formerly on the Google Play Store. They should uninstall it and download the APK from Noodlecake Studio’s website instead.

Its a code problem not a google service problem. Devs need to patch the code and they wont so blockheads wont be fixed

as I’ve observed it really only happens on 64 bit devices, as on my 32 bit based Androids like my Galaxy J3 and Galaxy Note 3 they work just fine, I think Google not allowing Noodlecake to put it on the Play Store anymore due to it not being 64 bit is prime evidence, but I only had those phones to test it on. It also doesn’t happen on emulators.

What kind of code problem? Google Play Services are not in the APK. As a result, many online functions are completely broken.

That’s not why it won’t work. They wouldn’t have bothered taking out the Play API code when they put the APK on the site. It’s because Google Play no longer accepts any Blockheads traffic. It’s no longer a Google Play game, so the Google systems know nothing about it, and will not respond to Blockheads requests.

I don’t get why it no longer has support on Google play. Clearly it has some support on the AppStore, or else I wouldn’t be playing on these servers I found, and wouldn’t be able to buy time crystals, which i have not done yet.