Game Lore

Okay, has anyone ever wondered about the little tidbits of story placed throughout The Blockheads?

Cave trolls. Golden treasure chests. Clothes from sharks. The poles. The tinfoil hats that give Blockheads autonomy and independence from the player. Heck, even the jobs in the trade portal - where are they even going to be gone for hours at a time? Other worlds? Other universes?

It’s already been established in Minecraft that ancient intelligent ancestors of the player character built structures and had technology far superior to the modern species. I know that the two games are wholly unrelated, but what if?

Spacetime/astral magic in portals as well as quantum and temporal time/affecting crystals are highly emphasized. Not sure what’s up with that, but cool mystery.

Time crystals are evidently the currency of the universe. Another tidbit of mystery, as they can be spent to upgrade magical artifacts like portals.

Just some shower thoughts I had.

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Right, but that’s mainly speculation and theory. I wanted to outline stuff just to make people think “Hey, that’s pretty interesting” and see their responses and thoughts.

This topic isn’t for speculation and theory?

Sorry, I was referring to your original post and meant speculation and ideas.

Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Cool analyzation. But you’re missing the sky islands the gem trees. Those are extra bits of lore that show more of the fantasy bits of the Blockheads.

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