Game not opening?

Hey so i go to open the blockheads (after downloading it again) and it just says as a white screen. I have a Samsung j6 and is the latest update.

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For all android issues - the forum can’t really help you.

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You aren’t alone.

The contact e-mail button at that page isn’t work :frowning:
What am I supposed to do? C’mon!

Then you’ll need to send an email manually, Noodlecake will want the following information:

  1. Your support ID, it is listed near the link that didn’t work for you.
  2. Your device type / version
  3. A description of the issue you are having.

Send this to support [at]

They will send you an auto reply with some common fixes to issues. If these don’t fix your problem, be sure to reply to the auto reply so that a human gets your email.

@WumboJumbo don’t post intact emails. That’s just asking for bots to find it and send spam.


It is forbidden to post either intact email addresses, or to post your own. If posting the support address or the like please post it broken, like this:

Thanks for reminding me.

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I opened that page at PC. Will the “Support” and E-mail contact buttons work if I open the page with my Android device?

This post isn’t terribly courteous. Please be sure to treat others here with respect and courtesy at all times.