Game Restarts/ Crashes Anytime I try to join a server


can you guys help? on the server it shows im connected (used an emulator on pc to check) then my app crashes on the phone. idk what to do


Are you able to join the server with another name? If so, something might be messed up with the account you are joining with. If you can’t join other servers / using a different name, something is likely messed up with your app install…


Wait, app install?


I have it too but I don’t care cuz ik my phone is too slow to run TBH.What device are you using?


ReInstalled app several times, joined servers with different usernames, Running on Android 4.4.2. I’m not sure why i cant join. i can play singleplayer regularly


What device are you using???


SM-G386T1 is the device model.


Of course, the bug happens to me many times on mom’s phone when playing my servers or Brer’s Giants (or any other server).


Can you describe the issue as detailed as you can? For example, does the app crash before the welcome message appears, after you close it, the moment it appears? Does it crash after filling up none of the progress bar?


It crashes right when the Welcome message appears and the close button appears.


Aha. Have you tried pressing the button right after it appears?
I’ve had this issue on my old Note 1 that runs Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2), and ended up having to install the Amazon version. But that’s discontinued.


Thank you. That worked!


Do note that many server owners want you to read the rules, but say that the app crashes. Maybe they’ll be gracious.


ok. thanks