Gem Galaxy

Hello! Welcome to the official forum post for Gem Galaxy! This server will have blockheads biggest ever hotel!

What can I do on the server?
You start out as an amethyst, everything you own will be amethyst level. From trade portal to portal to tools. If you work hard you will get up to the next level of gems.

Hotel Rooms:
Each hotel rooms come with a protection signs and a gem elevator, feel free to decorate your room how ever you want! But once you rank up your room will be reformatted into a basic blank room

Server rules:

  1. No stealing

  2. No littering

  3. No grieving

  4. No advertising

  5. Do not ask for promotion

  6. Do not spam chat

  7. Do not disrespect staffs or anyone

  8. No hacking

  9. Do not build near spawn

  10. Don’t be annoying

Edit: server planned to be opens in November 30th.

More to come soon.

Edit: finally completed all levels of rooms. Now just gotta work on building up for the hotel and down below the hotel!
image image

The rails are also now being worked on. We plan to release the game without fully finishing the hotel to allow us to focus on stuff like stores and things like that

Discord Server


What kind of hard work is required to level up?


O how did you do that?!


Your server concept sounds really interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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We haven’t really figured that out yet, we might use the money extension so you can deposit money and stuff like real life. Eventually we hope to have a railway interconnected from the start to the end of the hotel (circumnavigate) and there will be shops, cafes, farms, animal farm, and stuff like that and a mining job of course. Then you would sell your stuff to a banker or another player.

How long will it take to complete creating all of that?

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At most two months (were expecting a month) as me and my friend work all night long on it (me from about 10pm-6am and her about 10pm-2:33am)

I can DM you a photo I have of prices and what not for room upgrades. Also I had a panic attack from the portal at spawn so there’s no “diamond rooms” the diamond rooms are for people who make it to ruby to set up a shop

It’ll only take two months?


Awesome. Sounds really cool.


This reminds me of evolution of time and survival of time. I like the concept!

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Eh hopefully. I have to get my boyfriend from work at 6am every morning so I stay awake during the night and without a job I’m able to just get a lot done. I’m really hoping I don’t have to push it back, we have some people wanting to help us do it but I’ve very very picky about stuff and something of this magnitude I would want done on a small scale of helpers. (I full on have 3 accounts I’ve admined for rails, building, and placing protection signs)

Edit: also I’ll slowly be updating this post with new things that are being added :slight_smile:

Well, hopefully the project/server won’t be forgotten or fall apart by then.

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I know someone who I think will love this server! (@Woahjj take a look :wink:) Also @Pandon asked me to make a website, and it will be shared with you as of sometime next week probably!


You should make a whitelist for now.

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Why not have a whitelist? It could prevent that guy from joining. He’ll certainly come back when you’re not looking. He might not even care or know about your warning if he isn’t on the forums.


He still might not be discouraged though. Again, I would add a whitelist if I were you.

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great, ill make sure to join when it opens!


AMAZING :heart_eyes:


Added a discord server for gem heights


We are currently looking for workers you will be payed via your bank account (in game not irl.)

Jobs needed:

Protection sign placement.
Rail placer
Tunnel digger
Shop filler
Bank managers

Please PM me if interested :slight_smile: or contact me on discord from the link at the top of the post!