Gem Music 🎶


When you’re exploring a cave the caves on your world you may have noticed a sound when picking up the diamond you need for a portal chest. Unless you don’t play with sound on…so cave troll attacks are sudden…

Watch a minute video about gem music.

Gems Make A Sound
Gems will make a sound when they are picked up, removed from a backwall, and when a gem block is hit.

The more rare a gem is, the higher the pitch. You can play five different notes.

Using Those Sounds
To create music, simply use the mechinacs above… but multiple gems.

See some more examples at the provided YouTube video.

Inaccurate hot cross buns song.


I’m going to try this out right now!


The notes are from an Eb major scale.

Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb

(in gem order)