Gem Ship Hunt has been attacked by a hacker

This is the spawn :frowning:

Its all gone!

This hacker has:

  • Removed the big panting
  • blocked the main portal
  • removed my hard work- level 6 trade portals
  • threatened this server just “for entertainment”
  • asked to be admin (ADMIN ME-OR ELSE…)

:warning:️ WARNING :warning:

This hacker will join and hack random words, your server might be next! If the hacker joins your server:

  • the hacker has admin powers
  • the hacker can hack the main portal
  • the hacker will one hit kill all the admins
  • If your world is custom and you have pole items, they will be gone
  • the hacker cannot be stopped or reported

The owner can ask milla in a pm for a rollback. :slight_smile: if you’re the owner, make sure to include your support id, and never share it with anyone except milla! :slight_smile:

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I already talked to milla, she didn’t reply yet

She will. Don’t worry.

I’m sorry this happened to you. It’s heartbreaking and so unnecessary (hackers are pathetic), but it will all be restored with a rollback. Hang in there.


I’m sorry this happened :confused: If you know the name and IP of the hacker let Milla know, she might ban the hacker for spoiling your enjoyment of the game.

I’m really sorry about this! But the only way to handle this is to ask milla which seems you already did!

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You’re gonna have to ask Milla for a rollback. I’m sorry this has happened, all your hard work gone.

@AndyKiller There you are. Finally.

Finally find me huh? @Santeeisweird9_real

Were you able to fix your server yet @the_juicey_ace?

She’ll hopefully respond soon since it’s now Monday in NZ.

Copy all of the info you have about that player from your blacklist because you’ll need to re-add it after the backup is restored. Make sure the player’s device id and IP are both in your blacklist. If you are further concerned about at attack, make your server whitelisted or password protected.


Great reminder, Jem. Nothing worse than forgetting to copy the blacklist on your OP.

(Well, THAT’s a bit of an exaggeration. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Still, it’s pretty bad forgetting to do it and remembering after the fact that the most recently banned players are no longer banned).

This was one of my favorite servers. :disappointed:

I’m glad my build wasn’t Griefed:

But it’s still heartbreaking.

We’ve worked so hard huh.

But… You should PM @milla
She can roll back! :slight_smile:

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Well dats sad. Get well soon :3

same happened to me! In my server, I’ve never admined anyone, and my whole server was griefed!.
Moment of silence for Mr.Troll
btw, how do you post your snapshots here? Do you use a mobile device or what?

You post a picture by using the upload button on the bottom right corner!

People have hacked my server before…TWICE! I hate it so much :angry:

There’s just a lot of people can’t appreciate or can’t feel how hard and make a server beautiful and they will just wrecked it like nothing :frowning:

Same, when i was made my server, My staffs were just active at first, but Later on they didn’t came back :frowning:

Me too. My mods and Admins are literally inactive now.

Hackers are jealous that we can build amazing servers, so they decide to just hack any server. I’ve had a server hacked still on my spinner. Sad. :cry:

Could you send me the details of the hacker? (IGN, IP, device ID, etc)
I would like to ban him from my server before it opens up to the public.
Also, I believe Milla can cloud ban him.


I believe he was already cloud banned