Gem Tree Seed Recipe

What if there were seeds where you could plant gem trees? Wouldn’t that be awesome! My suggestion is to have seeds for gem trees!

15 Rainbow Extract (I know that’s not the name I just can’t think of it.) + 3 buckets of water = 3 buckets of magic water

5 Gem of your choice (ex. Diamonds) + 3 buckets of magic water = one gem tree seed (it would be the gem that you put in)

I think this would be cool! I mean, who doesn’t want to have a gem tree where ever they want? Hope you take this into account and make it possible! Comment if you want this to happen!


  1. You have to discover the gem tree first (Credit goes to TheMatrixter)

  2. maybe you would have to get a special stick from a gem tree to build it to!!!

Although i like this suggestion, it would take away the rarity of most gem trees and would make gem tree hunting pointless. So i believe that it should be for vanilla worlds only.


Yeah, I agree.


Yeah that sounds better.

Yeah that makes the whole idea come perfectly together! Maybe there would also have to be a special stick from a gem tree which you could only get from a gem tree! You would just have to break a branch.