Gems inside stone

Can we have gems inside stones because in real life I think miners see gems in stones before… Sorry if it’s a horrible idea I’m just thinking in my head :sob:


That’s a good idea. you could get a picaxe and mining stones could be hard to get gems. but like if i had a diamond picaxe you would get more gems from stone.


Maybe on rare occasion…

Updated thread title to be informative.


doesnt the golden pickaxe serve this idea already?

Sorry idk if that idea was already in the game I just was wondering if that

It’s a comparable result, but done a bit differently. It’s not exactly the same.

Not sure you realise this but I’m pretty sure gems in stone is already a thing. But you need a special pick axe.

It’s not the same thing

Ohhhh I didn’t know I was just thinking inside my head.

What if an actual Gem you got the shards of it and you could see it in the rock, like ore blocks