Generated locations

I’ve always thought that the only things generated on a world seem to small and very lacking in number (i.e. cave troll dens and mountains), it makes me feel as if the world was empty so what im suggesting is a set of new locations.
starting off with desserts and some limestone mountains containing oil, i feel this would be great as it would give a reason to traverse the dessert top, atleast early game.
Next is the crystal cavern that spawns deep underground and requires setting foot on or near lava, spawning gems and a time crystal block in the center if you’re on survival and not custom.
And for a finale id suggest clouds in the sky above any traversable land unless you have jetpack, with golden chests spawning on these clouds, id suggest adding a translucent block called the cloud block to actually comprise the cloud.
Sorry if this was way too complicated to read idk how to format long posts…

You’ve seen sky islands, right? They sometimes have gold chests on them. And sometimes gem trees. A cloud block would be interesting tho.

Crystal caverns would be cool. There are occasionally very large caverns that I have found before, and my favorite variety…flooded caverns. I’m actually quite fond of the variety of terrain that can be found if you visit enough worlds. I have found motherlodes of lapis lazuli, great pits in the sides of mountains, mountains with steep cliffs and high lakes and all varieties of ocean islands.


Crystal caverns? I can already imagine… :money_mouth_face:

I know of sky islands but i just feel that some variety in the sky would be nice!