Genesis [Server World]




Genesis is a fairly new server, however it has the same concept as my past few servers. I promise, this will be the last one.

If you never played on my previous servers, here’s the general idea:

No trade portal. No portal chest. No hacking. Legitimate gameplay.

However, to make it so it’s not so grueling, the world was generated with more ores, veins, trees, plants, treasure, gems, and sky islands.


  1. No hacking, duplicating or cheating in any way.
  2. No cussing.
  3. Be respectful of others.
  4. Obey/listen to staff.
  5. No asking for admin or mod.

The rules are subject to change. Please reread them as you enter the world.

Protection Sign Policy
Protection signs are allowed. However, in order to get one you must bring 3 gold ingots and a sign to an admin, and have them create it and place it where you’d like. They are not allowed to overlap other protected areas unless you and another player are sharing a base. One sign per person (since they can be 61x61).

Spawn, as of February 5th, 2019.

The message bot should be up and running most of the time. I just leave my old laptop on day and night, but I gotta let it rest every once and a while.


Looks cool!


Nice idea, I presume we can make unprotected bases in case we want to?


Feel free to. Just keep in mind they can be raided.

Hehe… raided… and your username is Raidmaster… no? Ok.


Ba Dum Tssss


I’ll surely play here looks fun

I did get the old spawn iteams as i was before on this server so i didn’t get the new one as written on WM


Could you PM me how the welcome message was made?


Hmm we cant even have chests? Or u would like to say portal chest? And plus the signs at spawn says no portal chest but this is a costom world


Yes I meant no portal chests. And I know it’s custom, that is the only way to ensure that nobody can get a portal chest or a functioning trade portal.

@Lord-Hyness I made it on my own, I just googled it all. Do you want me to just give you a link to the code? It’s all on


Yes, please :slight_smile:


Merged double post.


Here you go. I dont really mind who all sees it, as its stuff I just found from W3Schools and threw together since I was more focused on making a welcome message than re-learning HTML and CSS.


This kid visited your server and I started wheezing when he said it sucked after being there for 2 seconds. He barely even explored it or did anything! :rofl:

Oh, and read the description of the video while you’re at it.


Oof. I’m butthurt.


Curious of why genesis is whitelisted?


There was some drama and a hackers threatened to hack the server, so we banned him and then whitelisted it. Or, at least I had one of my admins do so. I’ll go undo it now.


Could you send me their user in PM?


Maybe it’s the hacker from Land of Paradise…


Are we allowed to sell or trade stuff made with tc


You can’t in the Mall but otherwise it would be fine.