Get rid of the tc block

We need to do this because hackers literally will break your economy!

How is this a problem?

One of the methonds of the TC Duping issue was fixed in 2018. caused inevitable massive destruction to dave’s wallet (if i am correct). but mainly needed to be fixed since day 1.

Does he mean tc or tc block?

Only one of the methods was patched.


I don’t know if you should get rid of the block, but maybe the ability to place it in a portal chest or just plain chest. I dunno :woman_shrugging:

How does the TC block break the economy?

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The ONLY method to stop TC hacking would be for MajicDave to change the whole game, and make it an online-only play. He decided it wasn’t worth it, as a LOT of the draw is the ability to use single player when there’s no WiFi.

I, for example, want to get my kids to play on my Mac servers, but they’re more interested in playing when we’re in the car.

But if TC blocks are removed, my only option is to get TCs is to buy TCs and I don’t feel like doing that. ):

Perhaps TC blocks are preventing some players from game abandonment. Developer’s worst nightmare! (Maybe)

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