Getting a nickname back

I have a friend who has recently lost his account. He didn’t do anything to provoke this, but for some reason he left and came back to say the nickname was used. Anything doable to get the nickname back?

you can have them contact milla to merge the username with the current device, she’ll need their support ID though so you can’t be the one to contact her because support IDs are meant to be private, you can have them contact the support line or milla’s BH email too

I believe you can get in contact with Milla quicker if you send her a private message.

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well that’s only if you meet the trust level requirement, but i suppose that’s not hard to meet anyway

He needs to contact me. I can’t help you with another player’s account.

yeah i’m the one who got caught the problem, can you help me?

Private messaged.

Hey milla,

I was playing blockheads yesterday but I had to reset my device because of a iPhone problem. When I redownloaded the game from the App Store and searched the server and put my usual username but it said that the username was already taken. I already put in the same Apple ID and ICloud but it still doesn’t work. I really need help because it is a survival server and it took me a really long time to get certain things and upgrades.

Thank you.