Ghosts 2


I used Ghosts 2 as my title because ghosts was already taken.

NOTE: I don’t know much of this Ghostbuster stuff, so prepare for a LOT of noob mistakes.

GHOSTS! Yes. Um, yes. Yes. Okay, time for the actual thread.

Who you gonna call?

Right of the bat, I want to say that you can disable ghosts!
There are a world option and a block which disables ghosts in an area.

World Options

Ghosts disabled
Ghosts enabled
Only animal ghosts
Only normal ghosts

(The different types of ghosts I will get to soon)

What are normal ghosts you ask? Well here’s a description.

Normal Ghosts

These are transparent Blockheads who wander about, going through blocks (unless if it’s a ghost-proof block) and hunting you down (if you anger them).

New Crafting Recipe Alert

Ghost-proof block: Made with 10 Copper Wire + Iron Block + 5 Ectoplasm + 15 secs at the Ghost Bench
Slogan: Keep 'em out!
Description: It will keep ghosts from going through it. It looks like a bundle of wires sticking out of an iron block (hence the ingredients).

Ghost Bench: Made with a Bronze Block + 5 Ectoplasm + 1 minute at a Level 2 Workbench
Slogan: Used to craft all the eerie stuff you need.
Description: A Level 2 Workbench with a Ghostbuster symbol on it.

Ghost Killer: 5 Gold Ingots + 10 Ectoplasm + 5 Stones + 10 secs at a Portal.
Slogan: Kills ghosts in an area.
Description: Looks like a ghost-proof block but it has a giant :no_entry_sign: sign on it.

What are the types of normal ghosts?

There’s a blue, green and red ghost. (How do you find names for ghosts?!?)

The blue ghost will not attack you unless you attack it.

Oh yeah, swords, bows and tools will only do 25% damage to ghosts. You need a Ghost Gun to really kill a ghost.

(Yeah, I suggested for a Ghost Gun to be added. No controversy please, please PLEASE)

New Crafting Recipe Alert

Ghost Gun: Copper Bow + 5 Iron Ingots + 5 Ectoplasm + 50 secs give you a brand spanking ghost gun crafted at a Ghost Bench.
Slogan: This will keep those ghosts at bay.
Description: A black bow with blue arrows that deal damage only to ghosts.

Ultra Ghost Gun: Gold Bow + 5 Titanium Ingots + 1 minute 20 secs gives you an even better gun crafted from a Ghost Bench.
Slogan: Take back our world!
Description: A black bow, except it fires green fire arrows! Does damage to regular mobs too!

A normal gun will do the damage of a 100% damage bronze sword. An ultra ghost gun will do the damage of a 100% damage titanium sword and does the damage of a 100% iron sword to normal mobs!

What was I talking about before that tangent? Oh yeah, the types of ghosts.

The green ghosts will have a 50/50 chance of attacking you if it sees you and red ghosts always attacks you.

These ghosts all do the damage of a bronze sword. Also, remember there’s going to be packs of these guys too!

All of these ghosts have the health of two scorpions.

Spawn Rates

Blue: 70%
Green: 50%
Red: 30%

Death Drop Rates

Blue: 1 - 5 Ectoplasm
Green: 5 - 10 Ectoplasm
Red: 10 - 15 Ectoplasm

Okay, now what? Ah yes. Animal ghosts.

Animal Ghosts

These will appear when you kill an animal to remind you of your selfless action. These will come at you attacking you! (Animal ghosts all do the damage of a bronze sword). Note that only passive mobs will a get a ghost.

Tamed Animal Ghosts

If a tamed animal dies, a ghost will come out and follow you. You no longer have to remember a dead pet in your heart! If you finally want it to R.I.P then tap on the ghost and click on the button that says Send to afterlife. :cry:

Ghost Summoner

And finally, for those you want to make the hardest Blockheads challenge, this goes to you.

This will look like a ghost bench but it is tinted red and it doesn’t have the symbol across the ghost.

You can choose to summon blue, green, red and aggressive animal ghosts with some Ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm Costs

Blue ghost: 5 Ectoplasm
Green ghosts: 10 Ectoplasm
Red ghost: 15 Ectoplasm
Animal ghosts: 2 Ectoplasm

Woah, that’s a long one! Tell me if I need to clarify or add more information. As always, PM me if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Stay safe,


That’s a good idea! Personally, I wouldn’t like the normal ghosts (just animal ghosts) but you have put lots of time and detail into the suggestion. :+1:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: If you don’t like the normal ghosts, you can disable them in the world settings.


I don’t really want ghosts in the blockheads. The option is good but I can’t change it when in survival non custom. You put a lot of work in this, great job!


You know how you can select between survival expert and normal survival? Somewhere between there it would have an option to disable ghosts.


Undead animals to make pets! :cold_sweat:


Don’t like it?


Are you like wanted to back in time to save your pet after died? I see this thread meant.


shouldn’t they deal the same/slightly less damage as the alive version?


No because they are only the passive animals


Animals are gud idea. Would open up that many more things to sell.


I would be haunted by thousands of dodos and donkeys xD


Very cool! But dave would never add this :frowning: :cry:


How would MajicDave get the rights for the ghostbuster symbol?


By licensing it, I don’t like the idea though.


Good idea


Ghostbuster symbol has rights?!?!



When I said I didn’t like the idea, I meant the ghostbusters symbol. The ghosts idea is something I haven’t thought through much overall, maybe it’d be cool, not sure if it would be needed.


I like the animal part but not the blockhead ghosts