Ghosts on servers?!


So things disappear this time round as I was playing on a server. Lost a jacket, lost a hand rail and now worse, I lost a unicorn. I swipe the screen to look around and when I go back to my block head, the item is gone. Like a hand rail I got off but didn’t put away yet


Ooooh that’s creepy


That stuff would be duped so it glitched


[redacted] is not possible anymore on 1.7 (on servers). Also, he didn’t say the items were [redacted] either.


Yeah duping is in 1.7 update go to youtube and search it up


Well then if it is, there is no direct evidence of him [redacted] the items. The items wouldn’t just go away just because they are glitched.


They go from duping it glicths just try it out


My point is that he did not say he [redacted], most likely he didn’t, and most likely it is a server issue.
I am just going to leave it at that since discussion of duping is now banned.


Ghosts? :eek:


Well something took my items.

Oh and to the two others commenting, all items were legit brought over from another world where they were crafted or bred.

Plus the unicorn was a rainbow one :frowning:


No doubt that these items were all legit. This sounds like a connection or major lag issue. I’ve had this type of thing happen to me when my connection is really bad (continual app crashes). It’s certainly an enormous bummer when things, especially high level things like your unicorn, are lost. I usually just turn off blockheads and walk away, hoping that my connection or the lag gets better on another day.

Sorry that happened to you. :frowning:


Time to breed more rainbow unicorns then.

I have caged every donkey colour and every unicorn colour to ensure the safety of any colour I will ever need or want to hand out if the occasion calls for it. I like red, so sometimes I take a red unicorn out and fly around on it.


I am sorry this happened to you. We are all very frustrated with the constant crashing and hope this issue is resolved very soon! I really think it is all the drops by plants and animals that is causing this issue. Just look at the way the vines are behaving on sky islands. If just a couple of hundred baskets can crash a server what do you think thousands of vines stacked up on sky islands will do. Then there is the kelp. You sail across an ocean and your inventory is full of kelp. Multiply this by all the oceans on the world. No wonder our worlds are crashing! This needs to be fixed now before we all lose our unicorns and die because we fell off when the server crashed!


I’m going to have a word with Dave about the issues. In the meantime, please do not discuss duping. It’s a divisive subject that isn’t a feature of the game.