Gift for majicDave

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I’m sure he prefers money :wink:

That’s pretty cool! Maybe next time if you used a different material such as stone marble or steel (highly unlikely), it has a nicer texture when painted.

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is that?
Looks like a flag… Sort of.

Shouldn’t thus have been posted in the pictures?

Try using reinforced platforms to get rid of the dirt backwall under the ribbon

My presents come in brown boxes. Sometimes green.

Presents come in all colours. It depends on what type of wrapping paper you have :slight_smile:

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Soooooooooo what’s in it?

It’s pixel art made of dirt. There’s nothing “in” it.

I know that…

Judging by the look… more dirt XD

Great question you asked,it’s HIGH QUALITY,one of a kind,filtered,nutrious dirt made by Sipsco!(it’s a long story…)

Sigh… How lovely, I like it a lot. And Kyle… Sips on dirt??? Oh autocorrect…

try using reinforced platforms to get rid of the backwall under the ribbons

Present for Christmas, What is above the red box

It’s a bow,in between is a lantern

Cool, I like it!