Give me the Randoms

Uh… yeah, this thread here is just for Blockheads random buildings. Just post any building even if it’s blocky or too bad, I’ll take it. Everything is accepted, and I’ll share mine here.


That kind of ruins the point of #pictures.

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I was expecting it to be move to Off Topic but accidentally hit pictures :v or something I guess.

If it has to do with Blockheads, why is it in #off-topic?

Moved to pictures. Posting threads asking for stuff is okay so long as it is fairly specific. What types of buildings are you after? If you’re just after buildings in general you can search this forum for them. If you’re after something specific then please specify what you wish people to share in this thread.

Thank you but I would like to see some random builds by random people, like as worse as a player could make so we all could share their mayhems together :v

Isn’t “random” a bit too general?

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Then tell me “Why not?”. Imma enjoy suffering in this forum one being removed by some of the mod or worse not even get a single picture :v

You’re in a forum where most builds get posted. Just by browsing this forum you will see way more builds than by asking for them, because there are so many more builds that were posted by users that are no longer active. You are limiting what you will see by asking, rather than browsing. I moderate when logic is defied or rules broken. You defy logic here :slight_smile:

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