Giving away a server! (Server given to agentpinkdog!)

Hey guys!

I am giving away a server!

It was meant to be a huge project, but I just don’t have enough time anymore, and I don’t want to just leave it, it still has around 95 days.

It’s a custom rules server, ocean world. Size is 1/4.

It was supposed to be a sci-fi roleplay and economy server, with a lot of constructions, (islands, hotels, houses, offices, etc) built by me and the players who helped me:

The spawn is a “space whale”, but feel free to change it once you get the server. If you want to see it closer, visit the server. (

51 PM

If you’d like to have this server, respond to this thread before December 25th, answering these questions:

  1. Will you be able to pay for the server in 1.7?
  2. What’s your IGN? (that you’d like to be the owner on)
  3. Why would you like to have this server?
  4. How long do you play blockheads already?

I will choose someone that I think would be the best person to have this server, on December 25th, and PM that person.

(PS. It is a Christmas present if you haven’t noticed it yet.)


I might consider this, the server is really nice. I’ll have to see if I’m up for it, though.

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It looks nice, I’m willing to run it and maintain it.

(Psssst guys this is why I’m gonna invite y’all to this thread)

This would be perfect for the 1.7 server I’m planning!!! I wouldn’t change spawn but I think I could work it into the theme somehow

  1. Yep

  2. Haileyjoychannel

  3. I’m planning on having 2 servers max in 1.7 and I’m already gonna open a old one soon

  4. 2 years at least that maybe 3

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If you’ve made up your mind, could you please answer the four questions from the OP?

@Brer-Rabbit, could you answer the four questions?

If any of you knows from my Help! Going on holiday, what to do with birds? thread, I am going on holidays, and we are going tomorrow. It’s a 12 hours car ride, so I won’t be online tomorrow. See ya the day after tomorrow, guys!

I am going to pack my chromebook now. :cheerful:

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  1. Yes.

  2. Wumbo Jumbo

  3. Because I really want a server will art and such.

  4. I’ve been playing since the day the game released.

  1. I’m perfectly capable of paying for a server in 1.7 and would monitor the credit at least once a week


  1. I would love to have this server to build unique buildings, attractions, and uncopied pixel art. I’ve been wanting to make a server that has a Chinese theme to it I would base the buildings on traditional Chinese architecture and would have a large ornately decorated garden. I would be so excited to work on this server.

  2. I started playing blockheads 8 months after it was released


Lol it feels like we’re buying a house


Lol, yep! :lol:

We arrived already, so I will be online. I won’t be online much thought, holidays! :stuck_out_tongue:


I somehow missed the questions initially.

There’s a decent chance I will have the ability to.


I think I can revive it and make it a nice place to play at.

3 years.

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I am gonna choose someone soon!

The new owner of the server will be...


I have PMed milla already, but I heard she is having a break right now, so I admined you now so you could start working on the server if you want. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Hailey won! Yay!!! Congratulations @agentpinkdog


Ditto, Congrats Hailey!!


Congratulations @agentpinkdog!


Congrats Hailey won!!


Yay Hailey won!!


I edited the title to say @agentpinkdog won, if that’s ok, just to avoid any confusion or more requests. Change it back if you need :slight_smile:
((Also, if that wasn’t allowed, sorry about that :grimacing:))


Congrats hailey! Can i help you? I would love to help

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