Glitch on a server


This is a glitch. I was playing on a server by-myself and slept, then used tc (7) to speed up, then once he woke up, the speed thingy kept going for 20 seconds.


Yeah that usually happens to me aswell


It’s usually due to server lag.

On the UNIHORSE server, if we speed up the world time, then the server just kicks us all out.


Just rejoin the server,problem solved xD.
In some server I experience extreme lag till 2 minutes.Like someone sent a message and I only can sees it after 2 minutes.That server is literary unplayable xp


Yeah, that happens sometimes. The world doesn’t like it all if we speed up time! There’s something wrong with it.


It gives me the same thing on online servers and i’m The only one playing. Maybe it’s due to high internet traffic.