Glitch on my server



Glitch lol it is links funny though now that I think about it… I was just going into the blockheads server and saw booth of these (this is right after I went in to the blockheads application)


One of your blockheads must have died. Also whats with the dyed pole clothes?


Yeah, that’s so strange.


yeah ik someone gave them to me


My server appears twice in the spinner, although I can click either and there’s no difference. Funny that.


You look like you have two igns. If you made two igns then it will show in your spinner twice. Notice that your characters are different (look at the names, also see that even though two of the characters look the same, they have different names). This is not a glitch. You have two different IGNs with different characters.

That being said, there does seem to be a glitch as @bleatingsheep39 mentions. I have a world showing up twice with the exact same characters in each spinner pic.


no i do not have to IGNs, for look at underneath them

and no one of my blockheads did not die :slight_smile:


Your pictures show two different igns. If they were the same, they would look the same.
The pics show the world. (Same world, clearly). Then, the pics show each character and the characters’ names in order. In Pic 1: you have Tony Stark (brown hair/brown beard), Spawn guard (white hair/stubble) , Spawn guard (black hair/stubble). In Pic 2: you have Owner (brown hair/brown beard) and Tony stark (white hair, stubble), If you see both these pictures on your world spinner at the same time… then that’s two different accounts. The characters don’t even match (Tony stark is the same name but the features are completely different)


The IGNs are both LAVA NINJA 2048 — unless there is a hidden character or something.


@Thuthu is pointing out that unless you took these images at different times, then it is certain that one account has a hidden character. We can see the LAVANINJA 2048 but that you have not lost a blockhead per say but that they are two different accounts as the blockheads do not match.

Maybe not so much a “glitch” but a potentially fun new game of BH Spot the difference.:tongue:


Has anyone tested the glitch after you get a new blockhead? Meaning, have you had the duplication glitch thing, THEN get a new blockhead?

Also, you can rename and redesign blockheads.


Thanks, @Sugarflop. That is what I am saying. Characters shown on the spinner are shown in the order by which the characters were created. This is another hint that the accounts are different. If they were the same IGN (even if one
of the characters died between screen grabs), the remaining characters would be in the same order. So, as an example, both would have “TONY STARK” as the first character. Yours don’t correspond.


Well I did change the blockhead “owner” to tony stark and the got one more and named them bolth (original tony stark and new blockhead) spawn gruad.


Either two different IGNs or two different Ultra Valley servers (there is a rich choice of them).

Or a glitch :thinking::smile:


no there bolth the same… i own ultra valley (this one at least ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )