Glitched Steam Generator

There has been one time where I have gotten this glitched steam generator from my friend in the server Survival by Love Bird Kitty. It has a whole bunch of items flying above it and looks like it has no fuel. I find this glitch extremely cool, but at the same time it should probably be addressed. It appears as a weird green colored block of dirt in your inventory.

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its not a glitch those are made by hackers

Yeah ,it’s a glitched item.

but still u can’t make them only hackers can right?

Not necessarily,
It’s a glitch…
Plus, I don’t know where this originated from.


Maybe it’s both glitched and hacked.

Not sure though…

zeekiel it was a gliches,
many glicher made it
it on everywhere

I know… :slight_smile:

It is a glitch. If you really want to get rid of it, you can ask @milla to rewind your server to where there was no glitch.

It’s a glitch alright, and it may impact your world una negative way (possible corrupting it).
If you want to get rid of it, you can ask @milla to do a rollback like @epicness101 said, or you can pick it up and throw it into lava. Best not to keep that in your world, though.

@Pokehgs , would it be okay to keep it stored away?

@epicness101 , i got it from my friend and usually store it away so I don’t think i need to ask @milla .

@RavenWolf please don’t post more than once in one hour without someone posting inbeteen but you most likely don’t need to keep it in the server it’s bad for it

@RavenWolf, it’s not good to keep any kind of glitched block on a server.
I’ve seen cases where servers with glitched blocks in them make the app crash constantly, and I’ve heard that glitched blocks can corrupt a server.
You should destroy it as soon as possible, but then again, that’s your decision to make, not mine. If you want to keep it, fine, but it could be dangerous. You never know. Do you know who made it?

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That’s not a glitch, its what hackers make. I recommend throwing it in the lava, then it won’t lag your server.

Hacked item… I have a hacked furnace (I bought it chill) but I wish it was a steam generator. :cry:

It isn’t necessarily “hacked” though. :slight_smile:

my brother said he had a hacked steam generator when he used to play blockheads

Is that the same brother that thought my Obama care is funny

yes, that one

‘hacked’, ah yes people used someone else’s work to obtain these items and they were eventually traded off like drugs are transported between different nations…

yes, ‘hacked’, the best and most accurate word

Well they were originally hacked just distributed like drugs

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