Glitched view of TBH! (not fake)


Okay, I’ve never actually seen anything like this, and it is not photoshopped! This is what many people think of ‘glitched’, and it’s very similar to TZF’s photoshopped glitched pictures, but it’s not. When I joined a random world, some odd thing came up, and I was able to view the world as an admin, but in a glitched pixelated view, which only lasted about two seconds, and changed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture a screenshot of that, but I did get a screenshot of what it looked like when it changed.

It had soon crashed, and left the game. I’d never before joined this world, but when I reopened TBH, the menu was glitched!

This happened about 5 minutes ago, and that’s the only time it’s happened so far. Has anyone else experienced this before?
I’ll go back on to try and get better understanding, and possibly more screenshots.


Idk, it’s not happening anymore though.


i never photoshopped any glitched pictures


This looks like a glitch on your tablet. I’ve seen similar stuff on my old iPad. It showed up on one app, then gradually showed up more often.


Actually it’s on moto g5 plus phone.


No I think the glitch is from your device, not the game.


#bugs-glitches is for iOS.


That looks really weird… Maybe something went wrong with the 1.7 update?


You were using a Moto, not an iPad. Just because Kewpie replies talking about an iPad does not change that.


I also said similar, not identical. I’ve also seen similar glitching on my PC when the graphics card driver was out of date. It’s a graphics glitch and most likely some issue with your device,


It stopped now.


If it’s what I think it is, a reboot should fix it.

Anything specific to Android devices goes in here. Things general across both platforms go in the general B&G forum.


If you want your device to reboot here’s the thing

Hold ’Home Botton’ and ’Above the Botton from your device’ it will work and do it again after the blackout on your screen and wait until your device recover :wink:


I think they already know.


ik that for apple, but i’m an android user.

    Hard Reboot:

  • Hold Vol. Down and Power

      Soft Reboot:

  • Hold Vol. Up and Power

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    Sorry I forgot for android that I only mentioned apple device and it’s just a reminding @WumboJumbo :slight_smile: