Glitching out randomly/ Game freezes and crashes oftenly


On multiplayer, when I join someone’s server, or my own server, It often freezes and I have to force close the game. Sometimes it would just freezes up so bad, my screen goes black, and takes me to my home screen soon after, about 5 seconds. It has become a real annoyance, and it happens a lot when I am in the chat trying to talk to. Often, that person leaves because they think I left. It could be happening to other players too. (maybe)
Is there any solution to this or a fix? Help please. And thanks.


Could you provide device specifications please?


Can confirm for two devices. This has always been a problem on Blockheads for Android, in my experience happens more often after 1.7.


Samsung base model smartphone: Google Playstore. And of course, android.


Could you be more specific please?


Oh, the full Samsung model is a Galaxy Luna Pro J3, and it’s software is up to date, and can run any game, but the freezing only occurs on multiplayer servers.


Not sure if this is related to what they are talking about, but I’ve noticed recently that multiplayer worlds seem to be taking a long time to initially load, and some seem to be crashing more often after loading. I’ve been on strong wifi, iPhone 7plus, running up-to-date iOS 12.4.

Example: I go to join Rabbithole or Skylands, and it takes maybe 10-30 seconds to connect and show the WM. Then after 5-15 minutes (with some laggy play), I either get a “disconnected” message and the world closes, or I get a “trying to reconnect” message that will sometimes reconnect and sometimes close the world.

I’ve noticed this within the past week or so, AFTER any downloaded BH update, so it doesn’t seem to be (?) the update itself, but IDK.

Hope this helps in some way! :stuck_out_tongue::thinking:


Oh, I have gotten the same glitch as well on my own server, Mattrick. The only thing I can think of to maybe fix (I don’t know if it would work, I apologize if it doesn’t) Is maybe shut down your device and then try re-opening the server after turning it back on (your device) , and see if it takes a shorter load time for the server. Once again, sorry if it doesn’t work, it’s just an idea


Seems fine on my iPad2…But large servers is known to crash.


Oh, thank you for the information.