Glow in the dark: diamonds!

Constructed on a vanilla survival server with glass, marble and around a hundred diamonds!


How did you find all those diamonds? :exploding_head:


I bought them lol, I found around 250 titanium ingots worth of ore (after diamond pickaxe bonus) in a mine below the South Pole and I sold a small portion of the ingots (made into their most profitable form, I calculated the revenue per ingot of the different forms like titanium block, armor etc)

I’ve only naturally found like 10 diamonds so I saved those and just bought new ones!



Probably much to the despair of my server’s co-host, I bought another 60 diamonds and (I’m hoping) completed my build.

Might add some vines to the compost, thoughts?

(First pic is an up-close screenshot of the new addition, there’s an identical one on the other side to keep things balanced…in Thanos voice…as all things should be)


i love it! looks so cool, makes me miss building things on blockheads even though i actually have the time to do it now lol
very impressive that you bought all those diamonds

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Build build build! Try making something B I G!

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