Glow plaster block and illuminated backwall


Reference to Thuthu’s suggestion:

I know that luminous plaster does not in fact create any light. So what if you had a slightly different block that DID glow AND if you had a backwall of glow plaster and you place another block on it, it should behave like a block with an embedded light, but with that block’s appearance. In other words, you could make a creation out of any materials you wish, and they wouldn’t need additional lighting if placed on a glow plaster back wall.

Option 2: Rather than placing a block on glowplast back wall. It could instead be designed to work like a trapdoor and the glowplast block would take on the texture of the block next to it, but still give some illumination.

A glowplast block should only illuminate with a soft, subtle glow, but enough to eliminate dark patches in constructions. Maybe by itself it illuminates somewhat less than a torch but with the clear white color of a steel lantern.

Recipe: 1 block of luminous plaster + 1 lantern = 1 glowplast block


I like it!


I really like the idea, but I’d rather not have the Option2. Option 2 gives not option for you NOT to have a glowing block if a trapdoor is placed next to a glowing block. Much easier to always put Lumiplast backwall behind any block you want to glow.

But coming up with a way to light up various blocks without embedding lights and without torches or lanterns is genius. Would be so great for building and pixel art.


Yeah, it may be a little limiting, however, the backwall glow would only work above ground. It wouldn’t work in underground building unless you used the plain glowplast block interspersed among the other blocks enough to light them.