Gold Door and Trapdoors (Better than Iron)



Have you ever had to share houses with a friend and figured you need a second Iron Door to grand him/her access to your home; or had to destroy part of the floor and realized there was no room for a Iron Trapdoor? Then a Gold version will best suit those needs! For example, when you place the Gold Door, the Owner of the door will have access to a display of list users and choose rather or not a player would have the privilege to go through, and the best part, it is multiple choice! Select wide variety of players and keep-out the unwanted at the same time, similar properties as a Ownership Sign but better!

[U]What it is?[/U]

Similar to the Iron version, the Gold version of the Door and Trapdoors basically gives the user (the crafter) options to select and grant player(s) to pass through the door.

[U]How will it work?[/U]

Anyone, not just the Admins, will be able to craft it. It’s technically the same process as if you were crafting an Iron Door, using Metalwork Bench Lvl 2. Once the user has crafted the door and or the trapdoor, they will be able to place it anywhere except where an Area is Restricted (unless the user owns that specific area of course). Also, my idea is to make it [U]breakable[/U] by itself because I know some people will take advantage if it were unbreakable, I’m I right?

[U]Concept Recipe[/U]

After thinking through the process, I think it should look something like this:



Is this a good idea? Please make a comment and rate. :wink:


(Good job on the spoiler making the gold door and trapdoor fit in :))
Pretty awesome! I love the concept!


That would be awesome!!! I also love your spoiler!


Good idea. It would be useful, as with iron doors only you get in, and wood doors let everyone in. Here you can choose who goes in and who does not.


How did u get the gold doors in the pick.


Editing the picture and snipping it in.
Admins should be able to pass the door no matter what. For the allow player to enter…does it go by online players or type name?


I love this idea, and the gold would also look really nice :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it! And good job on the spoiler!


Great! This would be a wonderful addition to multiplayer worlds.
Nice concept art too, by the way! :slight_smile:


Very awesome idea! It would be great!




This is an amazing idea! I was wondering though… What do you mean by “breakable by itself”?


I think she means it would be mineable like other doors, unlike portals which stand on unbreakable blocks


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. By the way, I’m a he. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. By the way, I’m a he. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol ok. I wasnt sure


I love this idea & the spoiler,good job!
I’d be able to let ppl in my home haha.
PS how did you make the spoiler??


Best idea ever! This could be very useful for my server :slight_smile:


Wow, nice idea! The only question is, can admins go through them? If not, there are advantages and disadvantages, like griefer admins can’t get through, but if a griefer uses it, that’s the disadvantage.


Yes, the admins will have the ability to go through the door regardless. :slight_smile: