GOld or bronze for a spawn?


I’m making a spawn for a server and wondering would you guys care if it were bronze instead of gold or would that be bad looking.




Can you post a picture? So I could imagine the difference?

But if you’re doing a 1 block backwall:
Bronze > Gold

Using one block with another
Gold > Bronze

Usually bronze is better, because it’s easier to use


It depends, but usually bronze looks better than gold, but I would recommend you to give up all your savings for a decent pickaxe and a lot of coffee or rainbow cakes :slight_smile:


bronze has an excellent block design, but the color isnt very good, so what you should do instead use painted bronze, and that way it will look very good


Tin blocks painted with (yellow + white). It looks like smooth sandstone. Great for servers that are based on deserts or beaches.

Bronze painted (Green*2 + Black) it is for forests and jungles

Steel painted (White) For futuristic or snowy servers

Gold block can be used as a light source


Bronze for sure!




I’ve always liked the colour of neutral bronze a great deal more than gold. Gold burns my eyes out. °~° (On the minimap anyways) Bronze also wins for close-up texture. The segmentation in gold drives me crazy. ;-;


Bronze structure with golden roof