Gold titanium alloy


Gold titanium alloy is an alloy consisting of, you guessed it… gold and titanium. It’s up to 4 times harder than regular titanium.

Gold titanium ingot:
Requires electric furnace
Requires 3x titanium ingots and 1x gold ingots makes 2 gold titanium ingots (or 1 if this is too op)

Everything that has titanium (except jet packs) will have a gold titanium version that requires a higher lvl bench

Armour bench lvl 4
Requires 5x gold titanium ingots

Tool bench lvl 8
Requires 3x gold titanium ingots

Futuristic armour
Requires craft bench lvl 5 (3x gold titanium ingots to upgrade)
Requires all types of gold titanium armour (no wear), 10x silicon wafers, 20x copper wires, 4x jet engines, 2x glass blocks, 3x gold titanium ingots and 10x fuel

Same as if your blockhead had a jetpack, 4x layers of titanium armour and a gold bow. It has a lot of health, can fly and shoots lasers out of the hands dealing the same damage as a gold bow, NO this is 101% not iron man :wink:


I personally think this is a great idea, and could definitely improve our creativity throughout the game


Very creative, though gold is a relatively soft metal, so I don’t think it would make titanium harder than it already is.


It does, it’s a real alloy

Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page


Oh, how I love creativity!


Love it but… seems a bit op… and not the blockheads.
Platinum titanium alloy on the other hand…


Platinum titanium is not real it’s a theoretical alloy, gold titanium is real and it’s 4x harder than regular titanium


Wow, I did not know that. You learn something new every day. But please NO titanium gold allow blocks!! titanium is hard enough to break as it is.


Who says it has to be real? Unicorns ain’t teal


Maybe they are…

Don don don


Well the properties of it in game could be anything and if were to become a real alloy sometime in the future it might not match up and it’ll be very weird :stuck_out_tongue:

But you do have a good point