Golden Streak Awards?

Are there going to be any Golden Streak Awards this year or next year? Just asking as the 2016 thread was somewhat derailed.

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Likely someone will pick it up, so don’t worry. Or if no one gets around to it, you could try hosting them yourself.

@ErickMatrix was running it, last I read, but he was waiting for 1.7 to roll out before judging.

I feel dumb, but what is the golden streak awards…?

Sounds cool. I’ll have to wait til next year if it’s too soon, though… :frowning: :confused:

I’ll let this explain it:

I read the whole thread. It basically said that 2017 and 2018 would be bunched into one…?

When do you think we’ll start?

On 2016 there’s no winner and probably there’s no winner on 2017? Just curious. I hope there will be a winner this 2018 since a lot of change! About 1.7!!

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You should make your own version of the Golden streak awards!

Oops I forgot. Sorry. I got a job and that plus school got hectic there. Winter break was too short. :grimacing:


Are you talking to me, Wumbo? I’m confused.

I replied to you.

Oh, ok. I might but they would be 2018 ones in Novemberish - I’m busy at the moment.

there Wasn’t a 2019 golden streak awards.