-Good servers?-


Can anyone recommend any good & active severs?

Edit: Cloud servers


A building and pixel art server of mine is Creative of Time. See the thread here: Cloud Server: Creative of Time

One of my personal favorites is Skylands Arena by @jemnidad. It has tons of fun handcar tracks.
Cloud World: Skylands Arena


One of the oldest and recently revived server that one should visit is Rabbithole owned by Mad Hatter aka @jemnidad


CJ’s Legacy by Cactus Jack is quite a journey, fun world.


Maybe specify if you’re looking for Cloud servers, or Mac servers. :slight_smile:


Uses good reputation to join servers as they are in progress while others aren’t allowed

As for active servers, Unihorse seems to be leaving Skylands Arena in the no one joins slump


What kind of variety of servers you would like?


Any type of servers except the hacking ones


I’d assume no nasty ones either? They’re just… terrible ,_,


I’d say just scroll through the Multiplayer category.


I agree with GGB. Topics like these rise up every now and then & kind of without a real purpose. The multiplayer category is your friend if you’re looking for great & active servers :slight_smile:

What do you mean?


For a period of time it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of people joining unihorse

I’ve only seen 1 admin on skylands arena in the past few weeks

I didn’t mean any offense though


You could visit some multiplayer category’s for server names and whats the rules info theme staffs in tho server whatever you saw :wink:


Should this be moved to multiplayer?


I think questions and multiplayer are both fitting, but he is asking a question.


It’s a question about multiplayer… :thinking:


True. Now that I look at it, all the other questions like this are in multiplayer.


I have a new vanilla server called: Phantasmagorical

We have a discord dedicated to the server and we are looking for more regulars. Its quite active.

I also have a new PvP server called: Red Vs. Blue


Red is the best BTW.



But red does’nt have a cool tower.