Goodbye Starlight Sky’s 5/Pictures of cool builds!

As some of you may know, ss5 has closed down; however, we have launched Starlight Sky’s 6! Although it’s sad to see the old server go, it’s good to welcome in the new. Before we do that, I think a little showcase of the crazy good builds made by players!

(Spider man, to the right, made by @Starlight1 , spawn remodeling done by me)

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Is the Spiderman build finished?

Yes, it was. I believe it was a portrait style or something similar to that.

Why the endless cycling-through of new servers? Isn’t that a really inefficient approach?

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I believe it’s for the purpose of “clearing” the land and allowing a new wave of active builders/users to hold their preferred land.

It doesn’t add to the costs of hosting or anything either, so there’s no harm done.

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